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My name is Rakesh Sharma, and age 32 (In 2018), I am into a corporate job for almost last 10 Years. Now you can Imagine how boring was my life before 2018. However from last few years gradually but, I am moving out from that boring 9 to 6 Office To Home, Home to Office Life.

RakeshSharma.in is the place for you guys from where you can really get into my life and you can see what all I am doing apart from Job, like Blogging, Travelling, Photography, Writing, and list goes on. I hope this will inspire you to take a step out you from your comfort and encourage you to do the things you like most.  Let’s come with me and discover the life that you have in your dreams.

My Journey

Rakesh Sharma
Rakesh Sharma Blogger and Web Influencer

I grew up in Indian Family and studied in a government school, Delhi. At the very early age, I started earning money for my expenses using my spare time from schooling and studying with doing some part-time into the family business. Although my childhood was not so happening its helped me a lot to become a mature person and to understand the current society and also, help me to learn more about the relationships and their importance with the people around me.

My Professional Career

I still remember my first salary was Rs. 1500, that I got, no I think ‘Earned’, earned is the correct word. I worked for one of the startup websites which deals with the matrimonial business. Although as I mentioned earlier I started earning since my childhood with my studies and that time I use to earn more than this amount, this was the time when I went out and work for other people. I have worked for only 30 days with website and post that joined one or two BPOs and worked for approx. one year, 5 to 6 months in each company.  This was the time when I was exploring the world and I don’t have any future plans for me. With that year of experience and learning, I got learned, how to work into a corporate Industry, how to handle a pressure of a BPO industry and how to work into a team to achieve goals and targets.

Also, till that time I was able to see the potential and opportunities into the BPO sector. This was May’2007 when actually I started my first Job when I joined a company, with keeping some goals into the mind to take this forward and make career into the same industry. With my dedication and focus towards my worked I got my first promotion into the company within the 9 months and I become a Process Trainer, and it was just a beginning and in next few years, I got opportunity work with Big telecom brands like Vodafone and Tata Teleservices. Also, traveled a lot for multiple locations train more than 1000 people in such a short span of time. Currently working with an MNC in Gurgaon and It been more than 10 years and I love my profession because it gives me an opportunity to help others to learn and help them to make capable of doing things right in their professional life.

Journey as Blogger

Rakesh Sharma with Neha Dhupia
Rakesh Sharma with Neha Dhupia

Blogging is not something that I was dreamed of in my childhood or I want to be in future when I was studying.  It came into my life gradually and while exploring my interest during my professional career. As I remember it’s all started when I became a Trainer in 2008. As part of my Job, I was evolved into various activities of creating content and do research on various topics. During that time I realized that there is something that I love to do and it gives me the motivation to explore new things.  During my journey as Trainer I got an opportunity to create training content and knowledge database and from there I got exposure to writing and share information with others. As my profession restrict me to the limited information to search and write because as I was creating content for the process with was pre-defined as we have to create content only with the required process.

In 2009, when people around the word entering into the social media and started sharing their thoughts and Ideas with other people into the world. I also got something that I was looking for, I started using social media platforms and started sharing thoughts and ideas onto social platforms. Whenever I got chance or some spare time I use to write something and share with others. Also, in next few years, I got to know about the Blogging concept and it brings all my interest that I love to do. I decided to start a blog and use to write things what I like to share with others on social media and on my blog.

Early 2012, my main interest was on Technology and into Entertainment industry so I decided to start a blog on Technology and Bollywood, with that I also got an extra source of Income apart from daily 9 t0 6 job. Although this income was not enough to survive its good enough to motivate me to do things what I love.

2014, I decided to take this forward and to do something new and big. Till that time I was also able to make some contacts into the industry. So, I converted my blogs into the full websites and launched for Latest Bollywood News https://bollywoodgaliyara.com in 2014 and for Latest Gadgets and Tech News https://gadgetgaliyara.com in 2015.

As I also do so many things in my life and I also have so many thoughts and information to share with you all, I decided to launch my own website, RakeshSharma.in. This is a place where you can know more about me personally and you will also get all my stuff apart from technology and Bollywood.

There are some other projects also into the pipeline, which I will share with you in future. If you want to share something with me or you have any question that you want to ask me, you can contact me by clicking on the ‘Contact Me’ page.

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